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November Favourites! {YouTube, Manga & Anime}

Right, the exams are over and here’s me celebrating with a new post! It’s time to share my favourites of this month! To be very honest, I don’t have very much to share…I didn’t have much time nor heart to watch Youtube or read any books. While studying, my main source of distraction was actually… Continue reading November Favourites! {YouTube, Manga & Anime}

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The Gentle Rosy Glow!

Alrighty! I’m back with another post on how to achieve the ultimate natural looking make-up. Today, I want to talk about blusher. Personally, I find blusher to be one of the most difficult pieces of make-up to apply and make it look as though you have a natural rosy glow.Recently, I’ve learnt how to achieve the natural healthy-looking flush and I’m so excited to share this with you!