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“Yarn” Your Own {Knitted Pouch #1}

I haven’t been able to think of another tag, so for now this series of knitted or crochet projects shall be called the “Yarn” Your Own tag. Tag? Is it even a tag? What is the definition of a tag? I don’t really know. Anywho! I’ve recently started to knit a little pouch for a… Continue reading “Yarn” Your Own {Knitted Pouch #1}

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What refreshes or refuels you?

I’ve just had a pretty mean couple of weeks. I basically had presentations to do, essays to complete, assignments to tackle. All due at around the same timing. I’m exhausted.┬áI still have one for presentation due in about 2 weeks, followed by a final research paper to worry about now. After that, I’ll have to… Continue reading What refreshes or refuels you?