I’m busy college girl in my twenties living in a country where it’s basically summer all year round. This blog is a place that I make time to update despite being pretty busy with life (especially with college). But I have to do something creative if not I think I’ll literally explode into ten million fragments that God only can piece back together.

So this blog is my creative space, my willing distraction, my wonderland and a platform for me to interact with you.

When trains of thought cross my mind, I love it that I can share them with you on this blog. On and off, I will pick up a craft project of some sort and I’m happy to post on my progress and recommend projects to you. While I’m no expert, I like to share a bit about summer make-up, hair and fashion because that is what I deal with on an everyday basis. Lastly, I enjoy sharing some of my favourites things with you whether they are books, movies, YouTube videos or songs. Anything!

I love this space that I’ve created with WordPress and I hope it can inject some measure of positivity, joy or motivation into your life. It was lovely to meet you and I wish you a lovely day ahead.

xxx Mei

~ 🌻 ~