Sunday Catch-up! First week in Seoul~

Well, I missed a post last Sunday but here I am today, blogging from my Airbnb apartment in Seoul.

How is Seoul? you ask.

If you ever travel to South Korea in the month of July, it’s actually the monsoon season. It’s raining on most of the days, but I’m confident that there are quite a good number of sunny days as well so don’t worry about that too much. Just remember to pack an umbrella and wear shoes that are rain-proof or that won’t be ruined by the rain and puddles (there can be a lot of puddles). Since it rains pretty often, temperatures are really cool, I was not expecting that. I thought it would be hot, so I packed a lot of tank tops but it’s cooler than expected so I’ve been wearing layering my tank tops hahaha.

So here are the clothes that I packed for this 32 day trip in Seoul. I would really recommend packing some sport shoes/sneakers if you plan to do a lot of walking/hiking or climb a mountain.



The weather is great, the food is great, the cost of living isn’t too high if you know how to find cheaper options (like the supermart/eating rice with kimchi at home/shopping for groceries at night when there are items on half-price), and the place isn’t too hard to navigate because there is usually some English signs in most places.

My only quibble with Seoul is the amount of climbing I have to do on a daily basis. On an average day, I climb at least 10 flights of stairs and some steep hills as I travel from home to work. I’ve discovered that most Korean universities are situated on a hill of some sort and there are no campus buses (at least in my summer school) so I have to climb all those stairs and hills. And when it rains…things can get pretty miserable, especially if you’re also lost and trying to find your classroom in a foreign university.

I’ve tried to explore the university to find a short-cut, but man, exploring is super exhausting because I’m climbing all sorts of things and getting lost at the same time. I’ve concluded that there are no short-cuts. BUT I have managed to find a way where I can cut through some buildings and take the elevator instead of the stairs on the outside. So I’ve been going via that route recently.

I say recently, but really I’ve only had 4 days of summer school so I’m sure I can find a better way next week. Well, it’s a Sunday and I’ll be at Busan and Suncheon sight-seeing!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Thank you for visiting my blog~


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