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ootd#17 ‘Lucy’


A soft pink chiffon top with shoulder cut-outs.

A pair of beige trousers.

A pair of black heels.

You know when you’re worried about your size? It happens to most of us. On days when you simply cannot convince yourself that you look okay, try this. Focus your outfit on the part of you that you’re most confident about. If it means the part that you least hate about yourself, it’s a start, let’s go with that.

Some days, Lucy worries about her lack of ‘figure’. Some days, she worries about the size of her arms or her thighs or calves. Some days, she worries about all of the above.

But you can’t go very wrong with shoulders, Lucy says. Sure, there are slim and bony shoulders on models and celebrities, but no one has criticised ‘fat’ shoulders before. Shoulders, yes she decides, let’s go with that and hide everything else.

Hand-me-down work trousers from another era that don’t reveal the size of her legs. Soft flowy sleeves that hide her upper arms. A pretty black necklace to bring attention to her neck and her shoulders. Overall, she looks presentable for work.

And her shoulders, well they look…okay.

Lucy breathes out and steps out of the house.

Body confidence will come with time, Lucy, don’t give up!


Last office outfit for the summer and we have beautiful Lucy the pink pig here on the blog! I didn’t intend for the post to be this long but it seemed that Lucy had a lot to share 😛

Next up in the #ootd series, will be a couple of outfits from my summer spent at home before I move on to my outfits in Seoul. I have something in mind for my Seoul outfits, and I can’t wait to share with you my experience with styling outfits in Seoul – a capital of Asian fashion and beauty!

I’ll end this long #ootd post here before it gets even longer 😛




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