Catch up Sundays! Packing!

Have I mentioned that I will be going to Seoul for 31 days?

I am so excited! I’ve been doing nothing but packing, preparing and hyping myself up for this trip. I’m the sort that starts doing all this pretty early on. My flight’s next week and I’ve already packed about 40% of my stuff and made a list of everything else; but really, you can only pack 1 or 2 days before you go. So I’ve hit a wall there.

Instead, I’ve been tackling with the money side of things. Spending a month overseas is not cheap and I don’t have a lot of money. At the same time, I’m not going for away for holiday (it’s actually a summer school) so the adventuring is limited to weekends and I’m trying not to rack up the bill (but still have some fun and explore South Korea).

Trying to sort out my finances for the trip has taken me days spent in front of an excel sheet trying to work out the exchange rate, train fares, bus passes and what-nots. It’s been tough, but I’ve found that by making my excel spreadsheet really pretty and colourful, the process is much less painful(:

I also came across this really good tip on pinterest about hiding your spare cash when you’re travelling! I think it’s pretty neat.

Well, one more week to go!




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