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A world without the internet?

A question popped into my head this past week: what would I be doing if the internet did not exist?

Even though most people spend their summer vacations travelling, going out with friends, or partying late into the night, I’m never one of them. Travelling costs money that I don’t have. Partying isn’t really my thing. While I do go out with friends, I’m no Miss Popular so it basically happens once every few weeks or something. I also sometimes spend my vacations having a part-time job or doing some volunteer work for charity.

Working during a holiday doesn’t make it much of a vacation, so I try not to work throughout the entire holiday. Thus, when I’m not working during my vacation, I’m usually at home about 90% of the time. To some people, staying at home kills them inside because they need to be doing things and they’re absolutely bored at home.

I’m not one of them.


At home, I have reliable and fast internet. I can go on Pinterest, watch YouTube, stream anime, read manga, and play Apps that require a strong internet connection. Recently, I’ve decided to watch the entire Full Metal Alchemist series online. I’m also playing this mobile application called Shironeko Project, one of the most popular games in Japan. It’s amazing, trust me. The quality of the game and the concept of the game is so much better than any RPG game application I’ve ever seen.

But what if I had no internet?

I don’t mean that there was a power cut or the Wi-Fi is down for a day. I mean, what if the Internet doesn’t exist? What would my Summer vacation be like?

I started to think back to my childhood where there actually wasn’t any Wi-Fi and just a very little bit of Internet. Honestly, I’m not sure if there was internet or not, maybe there was but it was not as affordable or widespread. Anyway, I didn’t use any internet. So what did I do?

I dug through my memories, and I saw myself at 5 – 7 years old playing with my toys, living in my imaginations, playing computer games (with CD-roms, who remembers those?) and watching a little bit of TV (my mother was pretty strict about how much TV I could watch). As I grew older and read better, I became a book lover, a dance lover and an anime/manga lover.


So I suppose, in a world with no internet, but with computers, I might have turned out to be more of a computer geek than I am today. I might have spent more time drawing so that my sketches would be better than what it is now. I might have spent more effort on other things like practising the piano or ballet. I also might have spent more money buying books, manga and anime or Disney CDs/DVDs/etc.

So my summers would be spent tinkering with the computer, watching TV, playing computer or Wii games, drawing, dancing, reading, writing, typing…

I wonder if I might also have been a bigger bookworm. But maybe not. I didn’t stop reading because of the internet but because of college. Maybe I’ll talk about this some other day.

Thanks for reading.

What would you be doing in a world without the internet? I would love to know.



The above images were taken by NASA and shared on Unsplash.


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