My Style

ootd #13 ‘Raeb’


Raeb’s wearing her favourite white cotton blouse which has a wide collar. It also has wide sleeves that come down to her elbows. It’s very breezy and comfortable; perfect for the hot summer weather. She’s paired it with a high-waisted brown pencil skirt. It’s knee-length and suitable for the office.

Lastly, she’s wearing a pair of $5 flats that she got on sale at Rubi/Cotton On which she bought in a past emergency situation when her shoes were absolutely ruined in the rain.

Raeb has a serious expression on her face whenever she’s thinking about something. However, once you speak to her, she’ll break into the warmest smile you’ll ever see. She’s not afraid to hug you too if she sees that you need it! Bear hugs are the best!


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