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Catch up Sundays! Les Misérables

My Summer holidays have properly started! After 1 month of internship, I can finally have the luxury of lazing around at home with absolutely no responsibilities or commitments! My favourite kind of vacation!

I’m going to try to focus more on the blog now that I have so much more free time. So here’s to more blog posts here on this site!

So far, I have about 2 types of posts planned. The first is the continuation of my #ootd series, the internship version! I’ve kept up with my doodling even during internship and I’m excited to share them(: The second blog post series I have planned is this: Catch-up Sundays! I thought I might update you all about my summer as I go along(:

I have the perfect way to start of this series! Last Thursday night, I watched Les Mis for the very first time! I didn’t even watch the movie version, although I did listen to all the songs before going for the musical. There were some parts in the beginning where I found it hard to catch the words but my overall experience was just great!

There’s just something special about watching a performance live and hearing the performers sing live. I love it!

I understood almost the whole story even though I knew nothing of Les Mis before that day other than the fact that it was about the French revolutions and that Wolverine/Hugh Jackman sang in the movie version. So kudos to the Australian cast who did a fabulous job with everything from the gorgeous set and costumes to the great stage play. I also have to point out that they made great use of technology and the large screen to depict the background and certain scenes (like Javert falling into the river) very very well.

It was a lovely experience! I’m so happy that I watched it (although it did cost more than one hundred dollars T_T)

P.S My favourite character was the Innlady in the right-most picture! She was just a riot!

Pictures are not mine, credit belongs to their respective owners(:



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