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ootd #12 ‘Rika’



Okay and we finally reach my ootd posts for the month of May! (I told you we were seriously behind)

May was the month of internship. You can expect to see a lot of office wear.

Rika’s wearing a cropped 3/4 sweater tucked into a high waisted pencil skirt. Also, check out that tiny bit of eyeshadow and faint line of lipstick that Rika has on. Very minimal. It’s just an internship, no need to go overboard with the makeup here.

At the workplace, Rika’s of the quiet kind. She’s also very serious and does what work she has diligently. However, she can be so withdrawn that it’s sometimes hard to make friends at the workplace. So unless her co-workers make the first move to invite her to lunch, the month of internship is going to be a lonely one.


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