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The ootd series

Well, this is long overdue. We’re at my 8th outfit already and I haven’t explained what I’m doing. Basically, I’ve been in a weird mood where I didn’t feel like speaking on the blog, but now I’m back (like evidently you can see that  with my previous text-filled post). During that weird mood I was in, I still wanted to update the blog and so I thought I could share some of my doodles here.


The ootd drawings are something I started maybe 1 month ago, shortly after I watched Zootopia (hence the various animal models). Each of the outfits have been worn by me in real life. I’m being honest here, and being absolutely honest, I have to say that I do tweak some parts of the outfits on the doodles because some clothes are just difficult to draw (and I’m still learning). I don’t proclaim to be an artist but I thought that my doodles turned out pretty cute and so why not share it on the blog.


My friends and basically every other girl around me all like to post #ootds on their instagram account or facebook. I don’t like to do that. I don’t think I’m particularly fashionable or pretty. I also get very self-conscious whenever I post anything online. Hence, this anonymous blog and my other various anonymous internet accounts.


So that’s it, a brief introduction to my ootd series and how they came into being. Don’t ask me why the first few didn’t have names. The more recent ones started speaking to my heart and I gave them names. I’ll probably continue to give the rest of my doodles names but there may be some without names. I’m not going to tie myself to any structure here. These are doodles and their life is tied to my whims, whoops.


I also recently thought about giving them short paragraphs of description below just to, y’know, give them more life. That may happen, so do look out.

That’s all from me. Thank you for reading.



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