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Colouring Project #2. Butterflies & Wild Flowers {An introduction}

You know when you just keep thinking over and over about something and you can’t seem to stop yourself? There were some things bothering me and today I decided to distract myself from those circular thoughts by sitting down and doing some colouring.

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I know, I haven’t finished project #1 yet but I couldn’t find my colouring pencils. I had some markers so I just started colouring another page in the book. It was actually my first time trying to colour with markers so I chose a simple page with lesser objects to colour. To translate it literally (from Japanese to English) this picture is called “Butterflies flying among wild flowers” but that doesn’t sound very poetic in English so I’ve shortened it to “Butterflies and Wild Flowers“.

A Little Yellow Sunflower WordPress Blog

Not going to lie, I’m an amateur at colouring. You can see that there are some smudges and stains that I’ve already clumsily made. You can also see where I’ve coloured outside the lines. I’m not particularly bothered to be honest, because this is honestly just for fun.

A Little Yellow Sunflower WordPress Blog

That’s it from me loves. I’ll be going back to my books. Hope you all have a lovely weekend~


 🌻 Hazel 🌻


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