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Sun Catchers – a really easy craft project

Happy New Year everyone! It’s the first day of 2016 and I made a Sun Catcher!

I was pressing a couple of flowers and I was looking for an interesting project to do something with them. I knew I could just frame them or make a bookmark but I had no spare frames at home and I’ve too many bookmarks in my collection. So I went onto pinterest, and I was inspired by a couple of pins.

And I made this:


I took some flower petals and arranged them to form 3 little flowers. Then I sprinkled some glitter bits that I had in my collection. I also arranged the remaining petals to encircle the whole thing.

According to the pins, you should use a specific sort of plastic tape – I didn’t have that around and I didn’t know where to get it so I just used ordinary cling-wrap. The cling-wrap isn’t exactly ideal and you can see some wrinkles but it still looks quite nice from afar.

That’s it. A short and simple post on New Year’s Day to make up for my month-long disappearance. I didn’t have the time or any idea for what to post because I took up a vacation internship which is keeping me busy.

Wishing all of you a very happy, blessed and beautiful 2016!


🌞 🌻 Mei 🌻🌞


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