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November Favourites! {YouTube, Manga & Anime}

Right, the exams are over and here’s me celebrating with a new post! It’s time to share my favourites of this month! To be very honest, I don’t have very much to share…I didn’t have much time nor heart to watch Youtube or read any books. While studying, my main source of distraction was actually manga and anime. Should I share those? Haha!

Right, no harm sharing right? Here are my five favourites:


Breakfast with Claire Marshall | The Lazy Girls’s Foundation Tutorial
Prince of Tennis | Gakuen Alice | Ouran High School Host Club

Well, let’s start with the two YouTube videos. I was actually watching the video collaborations between Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) and Estee when I saw the link to the video by Estee interviewing Claire. Claire Marshall is a well-known beauty, make-up and fashion expert on YouTube. I love her style, her personality and the amount of hard work she puts into each video is evidential. I really respect her. I really liked the video that Estee did with Claire because the coversation between the two beautiful ladies felt like it had a mature undertone and I liked that.

The second YouTube favourite is a make-up tutorial by Wayne Goss. I’ve only recently followed Wayne on YouTube and I’m really enjoying his videos. He gives really good tips and teaches useful tricks! This video is one of my favourites because Wayne shows his viewers how to do a powder-based foundation routine in a quick and fuss-free manner. It’s a video for “lazy girls” hahaha and well, I can’t deny that I like the fuss-free aspect of the whole routine. This has been my foundation routine for most of the month. It lasts the whole day, doesn’t go cakey on me because it’s a powder-based rather than liquid based foundation and it looks natural. I love it!

My last three favourites will reveal the side of me that likes Japanese manga and anime. This month has been pretty tough because it was the last few panic moments before the final exams hit. So I turned to my trusty old favourite mangas and anime to give me a good laugh. For romance comedy, I would reccomend both Ouran High Host Club and Gakuen Alice. The animes remain light-hearted and fun, while the mangas take a more serious note towards the endings. For comedy and I suppose some cool character development (and super cool moves), I would reccomend Prince of Tennis which is an anime/manga about a boy who is good at tennis and we follow him as he grows better at playing tennis, picks up new skills, faces more difficult opponents and makes new friends. It’s all pretty fun, this anime/manga business.

Alright, I’ll be off this Sunday to enjoy the rest of my holidays! More posts shall come soon(:

Hope you all are enjoying your Sundays as well!



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