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Colouring Project #1. Fairy Kingdom {An introduction}

Recently I bought my mother and I colouring books. You may think that colouring books sound childish, think again. Colouring books targeted at adults have emerged in the book scene and they are taking my country by a crazy storm. They’re literally everywhere and they have been the best sellers for the past couple of months! Crazy, right?

So the deal is that perhaps colouring more intricate drawings or patterns would help adults to meditate and keep their inner peace so that they can cope better with their stressful lives. I don’t know about meditation, but I do love to colour. So I picked up a book each for my mother and I when I happened to come across a promotion in the book store that I wandered into.

I got my mother a simpler book on colouring tropical forests, flowers, birds and animals and as for myself, you can probably guess by the title of this post what I got. I bought for myself the colouring book on fairies and princesses. The illustrations were so dreamy that I was practically salivating over the book.

A few mornings ago, I started on the first page and I thought to record my progress on this blog. It can be considered a sort of ‘craft’ project in some indirect sense because colouring is an art…right? Anyway, I started off with the base of her dress. For some reason, I was really feeling the colour black and while it’s definitely not a typical princess or fairy colour I’m loving how it looks so far!

Here’s what I’ve done so far:


That’s it for me this Sunday. I’m having exams in a couple of weeks so I gotta go.

Hope you had a great Sunday!


P.S I coloured the dress with a black pen. You’re actually supposed to use colour pencils but I didn’t feel like digging through my store-room to find the colouring pencils that I used when I was in primary school so I just used an inky black pen that was on my table.


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