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October Favourites! {Books & Youtube}

Well, my apologies, it’s already a couple of days into November but here I am (finally) with my October favourites! There is a reason why this is so late and why the format is different this time, but I’ll explain more below.

On with my October favourites!

2015-11-03_08.43.48The Bone SeasonSame Old Love | Week in Outfits AW15 #1 
Marie Antoinette Inspired Makeup Tutorial | Peter Pan | Best and Worst Makeup Moments in History

In the month of October, I have two book favourites – The Bone Season by  Samantha Shannon and Peter Pan by J M Barrie. I have one music favourite – Same Old Love by Selena Gomez which was covered by Sam Tsui, Alyson Stoner and KHS. I have one fashion favourite where Jess shared with us her daily outfits to college which are a source of inspiration for me too when thinking about what to wear to university myself. I have two makeup favourites and both videos are from Lisa Elridge – I found the various kinds of makeup very interesting in her brief history of makeup and it was amazing to see the transformation of an ordinary girl into a Marie Antoinette-like person, just stunning.

So those were my six favourites in the month of October.

If I could sum up October in three words it would be “ups and downs“. I was rather all over the place, and my emotions were on some crazy roller coaster. I had already typed out a Favourites draft a week before but the draft was never saved for some reason and so there was nothing to go up on Sunday which was my original plan. Therefore, I’m putting out this shorter version of Favourites now.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it and that October treated you all better than it treated me. Have a great November, everyone!



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