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“Yarn” Your Own {Knitted Pouch #1}

I haven’t been able to think of another tag, so for now this series of knitted or crochet projects shall be called the “Yarn” Your Own tag. Tag? Is it even a tag? What is the definition of a tag? I don’t really know.

Anywho! I’ve recently started to knit a little pouch for a portable bluetooth keyboard that I bought a few weeks ago. The keyboard is by Samsung and it’s white, so I really don’t want to dirty it by accident or to damage it when I stuff it into my bag (which happens more often than it should). If you want to see how the keyboard looks like, you can take a look here.

So here’s my progress so far:


I’m using two strands of yarn and knitting them together. The brownish one is bamboo. The colourful pink-blue variegated yarn is acrylic.

I actually bought the skein of pink-blue yarn quite a while ago and have been finding it difficult to use because the colours are pretty wacky and I find that the gradation from pink to blue and back to pink is really short, so when it’s used in a complicated pattern, the pattern doesn’t show very well and it just looks very messy. So far, I find that it only looks presentable and less painful for the eyes (and my heart) when I use it for simpler patterns.

I bought the brown bamboo yarn very recently because I just wanted to try bamboo. Someone had suggested to me in the comments last time to use bamboo for summer knits maybe because it traps less heat. I’m definitely going to try it out for some clothing projects but for its first project, I’m using it to double-knit the pouch with the variegated pink-blue year and I’m so happy with how the double knitting turned out here! The brown really tones down the messy-ness of the variegated yarn. It’s like a soothing, calming and rather earthy counter to the loud, vibrant and chaos-inducing blue and pink.


You can see that I did a few rows of Stockinette Stich (alternating knit and purl rows) then changed to a kind of Ribbing (k1p1 all the way) which is what I decided will be the main pattern of the pouch. I’ve also decided that I’ll revert back to finish up the pouch with the Stockinette Stich again. I’m basically doing everything based on how I feel. There’s no plan or pattern here to follow. I simply cast on enough stitches to fit the width of the keyboard and will keep knitting until its longer than the length of the keyboard.

The reason I didn’t look for a pattern or instructions of any kind is because I’m using this project to relieve some stress and it’s helped me endure late nights (oh hey you can see my messy desk how embarrassing) and depressing moments (it’s 3am/why am I not asleep/what am i doing with my life). I liked the freedom of knitting however I want and not having to worry if I’m making a mistake in the pattern.


So yepp, this will be the front half of the pouch. I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do for the back half of the pouch. I have decided that it will be just a single block of colour though. So I might either use the bamboo yarn again or maybe some other yarn that I want to clear out from my stash because I kinda want to preserve the bamboo yarn.

That’s all from me this week. I will hopefully see you next Sunday with another blog post!

x 🌻


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