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What refreshes or refuels you?

I’ve just had a pretty mean couple of weeks. I basically had presentations to do, essays to complete, assignments to tackle. All due at around the same timing. I’m exhausted. I still have one for presentation due in about 2 weeks, followed by a final research paper to worry about now. After that, I’ll have to worry about my 2 final exam papers in late November.

But for now! I need to take a breather.

(You still have that tutorial to prepare for tomorrow. Yes I know. B-b-but.)


What do you do to refresh or refuel yourself in times like this? There’s the saying that everyone should be familiar with – “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Well, even after slogging away for 14 years in the educational system (or maybe because of that), I ain’t that tough. I can’t keep bulldozing ahead. I’m out of juice and drained to the core. I’ve no spirit to keep fighting the system, fighting my peers or just fighting with myself.

So today I thought I’ll just share a couple of things I do to refresh or refuel myself.  Just a reminder of the things that I can do to keep myself going. Maybe I can look back to this post again in the future if I face a rough time again.

#1. Do something creative

Recently, as you can probably tell, it’s been knitting and crocheting. There’s something therapeutic about this hobby and I highly recommend it. (I’m currently working on another mini project that I’ll update you guys on soon).

Blogging also helps! It’s fun to draft up posts on things that I would like to share with the internet. I also like to draw or doodle when I’m tired. I’m not particularly good or anything. But yeah, let’s just keep doing what we like to do. Anyway, it’s not as if I’m trying to be a professional artist or anything.

#2. Watch old shows

Does anyone else do this? I especially love watching old cartoons that I loved when I was younger. Earlier this year, I actually went to catch up on Hey Arnold! and Card Captor Sakura. It’s pretty fun.

The humor still gets me and I do laugh a lot when I watch old favourites. I also like to watch Disney, Pixar or Dreamworks animated films. Recently watched both the first and second How to Train Your Dragon movies on the same night and boy, was that great!

#3. Go for a walk or swim

Ideally, I would like to dance. Dance away my anxieites. Dance away my frustration. I know peers who do just that. They take in some alcohol and hit the clubs. But clubbing ain’t my thing. I want to stretch, to flex, to jump, to sway and twirl to the music. But I don’t have time to attend dance classes regularly. I know, that’s a lame reason. It is lame. I might join some dance lessons next year. (Ah, next year. Will it ever come?)

So instead, I’ve taken to either swimming or just taking walks. Swimming is the real workout. I’m ashamed to say that I get breathless esasily after a few laps. But it is nice when your body tells you that you’re really excercising. As for walks, I like walking in parks. I don’t brisk walk or anything, but I do take rather long walks. It’s better than nothing, I assure you.

The feeling of being weightless in the pool really feels as though my worries are lifted from my body. As for walking, it’s nice to just get away from the study desk or school once in a while. I also choose not to bring my phone with me so that I wouldn’t be distracted by text messages or emails.

#4. Pray, Worship, Read or Listen

It’s lovely to just read the bible or listen to awesome worship music or sing along even and be reminded of how much the Lord loves you. It really soothes the soul and reminds me that there are more important things to life than school grades and assignment deadlines. Prayer also helps because I can cast my cares to my God and live everyday knowing that He is a mighty God that will lead me as a shepard leads his sheep.

#5. Eat some chocolate

This is more for the short-term. If I need a boost, chocolate always helps(:

So there they are, the 5 ways I refresh or refuel myself when I’m tired of school or life even. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, and I wish you a beautiful Sunday ahead of you.



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