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Crochet Cardigan {Update!}

As I write this post now, I have almost completed the project!

Here’s what I have so far:


I’ve finished up the huge Granny Square and joined up the sides. I’ve also attempted the collar. The instructions said to dc all around 5 times. But I think I misunderstood it? Presently, my dc-collar is kinda “hole-ly”…maybe you can see what I mean in the picture below…so I might redo it.


I also have to add a little edge for the sleeves, but since it looks fine anyway this isn’t urgent. I’m also considering blocking it when I’m completely done but it’s such a large piece…

Anyway. I really love it.

I’ve already worn it out twice as it is and it’s actually okay. It looks great! The “hole-ly” collar doesn’t really bother me. l don’t care that the edging of the sleeves aren’t there. But sometimes I feel that its slightly misshapen which is why I’m thinking about blocking it. I’m also considering adding pockets to this because it’ll just be useful. But again, this is not a priority. What’s more important is the collar…


Well so yeah, this is my update on the progress of this project… I’m afraid it’ll be awhile before I can work on this again. It’ll take a while to convince myself to redo that collar. Meanwhile, I’ve already thought of two more mini projects: (1) A beanie for myself (2) A little pouch for my newly bought bluetooth keyboard. l can’t wait. But these will probably have to wait because school is getting very busy now.

Christmas is coming soon, do you have any handmade gifts in mind or on your to-do list? I would love to know.


If you would like to, you may view my first post on this project over HERE.


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