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5 of the Worst Feelings

The other day as I sat down and wrote a post about my favourite feelings (here), I thought I could also write and share what I thought were the worst feelings ever.

So here we go:

#1. Being alone in a Crowd

As an introvert, if you put me in a huge crowd of unfamiliar people. I would be utterly miserable. For example if I had to attend a large social event. * shudders * What a nightmare.

#2. When a tree is cut down

Sometimes, as I walk along the streets, I come across tree stumps and I feel a wave of sadness for the loss of a great tree. I would imagine it standing tall & proud once upon a time. But not anymore.

#3. Feeling alone even when you’re with friends

This just sounds really sad. You may even question whether I have friends or not. But I do. My friends are lovely people. But sometimes the things we go through are so different that even though I know they are there for me, I feel so alone.

And that sucks.

#4. The feeling that you’ve been replaced

This can happen with family, friends, teachers, co-workers etc. It’s like when you stop being useful to someone, they have every  right to replace you with someone else who can meet their needs better. Us humans can really be very selfish sometimes.

For example if Sally does a better job of giving Helen advice on relationships, off Helen goes and she stops sharing her problems with you. If Johnson does a better job at producing research, your mentor stops asking you to do it. Yes, it’s an incentive to improve. But it still hurts.

#5. When you say something but nobody hears it. Nobody listens.

I think when you don’t listen to what someone is saying, it is equivalent to denying their entire existence.

It has happened to me so many times that I’ve grown numb.

I went through different stages. When I was a child, I would let things go on as though I hadn’t said anything. When I was a semi-angsty teenager, l would repeat myself up to 3 times in order to be heard – all the while feeling angry and frustrated. Now, I’m twenty-one and I’ve almost resigned myself to this. I  repeat myself once or twice. I no longer feel angry but just disappointed.

#6. When your laptop breaks down on you

I know, the title says “5 of the Worst Feelings.” I had to add #6 because my own Dell laptop has just left me in a miserable state. About 2 days ago upon starting up the laptop, it let out a series of beeps. I was in a lecture theatre and I quickly slammed it shut because people were staring at me. Ever since, I could not get the laptop working. It just keeps screeching those series of beeps. I even went to Google the beeps and found out that itbwas a code for a serious hardware error.


But thankfully, I have this tablet that can function pretty well in place of my laptop. In fact, this post was composed on the tablet. Not too shabby. Right?

Ok, time to wrap up the post with a picture that can soothe the soul:


There’s just something majestic about the sea that oozes calm.

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