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“Yarn” Your Own — Comfy Chic Cardigan!

Sorry for the lack of updates for the past few weeks! College has been keeping me on my toes and I have two assignments due as I type this furiously in the faculty library where I’m *ahem* supposed to be working on my assignments.


Just a quick update about what else I’ve been busy with (besides school) and that has been CROCHETING.

What is crochet? It’s the sister of knitting. I recently learnt to do both and I must say that I definitely prefer crochet. Probably because it’s more beginner-friendly and has a kinder attitude to mistakes than knitting.

Specifically, I have been working on my biggest beginner project yet: this black cardigan featured in the photo below:


I’ve really wanted a black cardigan for the longest time and when I saw this photo while browsing pinterest, I thought, why not make my own cardigan?  I usually don’t bother looking at knitted or crocheted clothes because they’re just not suitable to wear where I live (imagine what should really have happened to Olaf on the beach). I’m hoping that this cardigan would be okay *fingers crossed* because it’s so… what’s the word for it? ” holey”, that’s the one.

The cardigan in the photo above was made and shared by Maria Valles who has released two blog posts about how to make her Granny Cocoon Shrug. You can check them out here & here. It’s really not that difficult! Do give it a try!

Do you knit or crochet? What do you think about it or know of it? Do you know people who knit or crochet? Personally, I don’t know anyone who does.

As of last night, I’m at somewhere between Step #2 and #3 of Maria’s instructions. It’s taken me a couple of weeks of late night crocheting, but I find it so therapeutic and relaxing and I’m loving the process of creating this cardigan. Perhaps when I’m done, I’ll show you guys!

Thanks for sticking around till the end of this post! Hope you’re having a good day wherever you all are(:

This is Mei, signing out from the school library.

xx 🌻

Disclaimer: I lay no claim over the photo featured in this post. Credit for the project and photo belongs entirely to Maria Valles.


8 thoughts on ““Yarn” Your Own — Comfy Chic Cardigan!

  1. I knit and crochet, and personally prefer crochet. However, I think both work for hot climates. You just need the right yarn fiber. I have an aunt living in Los Angeles, who has knitted for years, and she says she only knits in cotton, silk, bamboo, or linen. Even if she is making something lacey, animal fibers are just too hot. Acrylic yarn can be warm as well.


    1. While I personally prefer crochet too, I think that knitting might be better for the hot climate because crochet tends to produce thicker pieces.

      Thanks for your suggestions on materials though! Really useful! I’ll lookout for those when I next go yarn shopping ^^ (I didn’t know bamboo was something you could knit with!)


  2. I love that cardi! That may have to slot into my project list soon.

    Stick with the knitting as well, it really is rewarding and you can do a lot of very nice things with it! I knit and am learning to crochet, I’m getting the hang of it but I really struggled with crochet the last time I learnt, so I stick with projects that use one stitch and are simple but effective. Most of the projects I’ve done so far are variations of granny squares and stripes.


    1. Then this is a great project for you cuz this cardigan is one huge granny square! Which I why it’s a lovely project for crochet-beginners like myself and maybe you too (^^).

      Thanks for the lovely comment!

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