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Having a terrible day? Let’s do something about it.

The other day I wrote about a terrible day that I had and how I hated myself on that particular day.

There is actually a continuation of the story of that day, and I couldn’t leave the tale as it was – incomplete. Remember how I was feeling like that worst piece of thing alive on earth. How I left the city and how I couldn’t go back home. How I was walking aimlessly with no destination in mind. Today, I’m going to write what happened after that.


With the all the feelings of misery, frustration and disappointment raging within me, I found myself doing four things:

  1. I wrote out my feelings.
  2. I found myself desperately walking towards a library that I knew would be difficult to find.
  3. I surrounded myself with books
  4. I bought myself a chocolatey drink

So let’s break this down. Hopefully these four tips will be useful to you as they were for me.

#1. Writing out your feelings [aka releasing your feelings]

HOME_Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work (8 of 10)

Feeling distressed and lost, I whipped out my phone and typed out a little diary entry. What I “wrote” down is what you’re reading now and what you read previously about my terrible day.

Writing always helps me to release the pent up emotions trapped in my heart. It’s super easy to do nowadays too. All I need is my phone and the notes/memo section, and I’ll be typing away to my heart’s content.

Writing may help you too, or it may not. Maybe you’ll find it more satisfying to voice out your feelings. Technology here can also basically reduce that geographical distance between you and your best friend, your sister, other-half or whoever to zero. Call them, send them a message or Skype them.

The point is to let those negative emotions out.

Release those destructive emotions from your heart or mind. Trapping them within yourself is not going to do anyone any good. It won’t do you good, and it certainly won’t do the next person who comes to talk to you any good at all when you try to chew their heads off.

If people aren’t a source of comfort to you and if you don’t like writing maybe a sport of some sort would help? Some physical activity could vent those emotions out. If you’re not at all athletic, like me (sigh), I would suggest to just walk it off. Personally, I find that walking makes me feel so much better than sitting down and worrying up a storm.

#2. Seek out an environment that you’re comfortable in


Amidst my emotional turmoil, I found myself walking to the train station and on the first train that came. (Ideally, I would be on the first train home, but that day home wasn’t a viable option.) At that point, I didn’t actually know where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. I basically didn’t want to do anything. But I had already hopped on the train, and I had to get off somewhere. A place crossed my mind – the library. There had been a library that I haven’t been to for a long time because it was so difficult to get there. It wasn’t near any train stations and only a few buses went there. I thought, that’s crazy. Then I thought, why not?

I spent almost 2 hours finding that particular library.

I want you to now imagine a young girl, wearing a set of formal attire walking under that hot unrelenting sun with a pair of heels (which were thankfully not very high) looking slightly lost and possibly crazy. That girl there who looks like she’s going for a job interview and who is totally out of place in the suburbs. That girl with sweat drops on her forehead and a sweat-drenched back carrying a posh black bag. That was me at about 2.30pm on a hot Wednesday afternoon looking desperately for the bus stop. When I finally found the right bus stop (after 3 wrong ones) and reached the library, it was about 4pm.

I thought, hallelujah for air conditioning.

(Just a side note, while that person in the photograph isn’t me, it is really close to what I did actually look like on that day. The white blouse. The black shoulder bag. The black pants. This photo really does it man, thanks Unsplash for such a perfect photo.)

#3. Do something you know you enjoy – lose yourself in it


For me, it won’t be difficult to guess since I did seek out the library. I got a couple of books off the shelves, found somewhere to settle down and read.

I spent little more than an hour in the library itself. Letting myself find comfort in familiar books and books that talked about things that I liked. I basically drowned myself in books about kimonos, knitting, crochet, dragons, dreamers.

#4, Get some comfort food in you


For me, anything with chocolate in it would make me feel better. So I ordered myself some iced Mocha.

In that one hour that I spent, sipping my iced Mocha drink and flipping through the books, I eventually calmed down.

xx 🌻

I have to admit that these didn’t solve any major issue. I still felt like that day was ruined. I still felt like an idiot. But I did feel slightly better and less self-destructive. 

Hope this was an interesting and maybe even helpful read for any of you out there experiencing a bad day.


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