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August Favourites! { YouTube }

To be very honest, I haven’t been on YouTube very often this month. I’ve been busy with school and I’m also caught up with a Korean Drama which has been taking over my YouTube-time so far (but it’s ending soon >< ).

So I did find it difficult to get a list of “Top” favourites.


Therefore, this below isn’t really a “Top” favourites list, but rather, let me introduce to you three videos that I liked during the month of August:

#1. Kurt Hugo Schneider – “Stitches – Shawn Mendes – Alex Goot & KHS Cover”

I’m sure no one doesn’t know of Kurt! He always produces really cool music and I’m definitely a fan.

I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for some time and I’m not tired of it yet! The words “needle and a thread, gotta get you out of my head” is basically stuck in my had this month. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

#2. Anna Akana – “Should I Get Married?”

I love Anna’s videos. She’s passionate about acting and she demonstrates her passion by making short acting scenes in her YouTube videos, appearing on short films, directing some of her own films and recently I was absolutely stunned to see her appear on the hit-movie Antman! I felt so proud and happy for her (it’s a weird relationship we have for people on the other side of the computer screen in the YouTube universe).

Anyway, sometimes Anna posts videos of her thoughts on certain issues and I find that I can relate to some of the things that she says. In this video, she talked about marriage and summed up how she felt (or rather wasn’t sure what to feel) about marriage. I suppose many women today feel conflicted as well because there are just so many views available in the world today. It’s not just about “happily ever after”, it’s also about what happens after that. In modern times, the whole concept of marriage has taken a sever beating and there are so many things that seem to undermine the system of marriage. This leaves a young woman very confused.

Anyway, I just found her video very interesting to listen to. So give this a listen too, if you would like!

#3. Tom Fletcher – “Buzz and the Dandelions”

I don’t normally watch the videos of Tom Fletcher who’s part of an English band that is pretty famous. But I came across this video when I was browsing his channel and I cannot help myself – I just adore it!

Buzz is the name of Tom’s young son, and OHMYGOODNESS that baby boy is so CUTE! It’s so bizarre that Buzz kept laughing at dandelions! Anyway, if you don’t believe that hearing the uncontrollable laughter of a baby can just instantly inject happiness into a person, just watch this. I swear that you will feel a million times better a few seconds into the video! In fact, I even put this on my list of favourite feelings the other day!

So have a watch, and get a good dollop of crazy-rainbow-happiness!

Hope you liked what I liked, and I will talk to you guys again in my next post!


Needle & the thread gotta get you out of my head
Needle & the thread gonna wind up dead.


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