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5 of My Favourite Feelings

I’m typing this as I suffer a headache and cannot study. So instead of studying like a good college student, I’m listening to the soundtrack of Into the Woods while drafting this post, hoping that I’ll feel better soon.

I’m sure many of you have heard of the tag called “My Favourite Feelings”. It’s not exactly new and in fact it’s been going around YouTube for quite a while by now. I myself have watched a few YouTube videos and find that it’s interesting to  discover the favourite feelings of other people. Therefore, on this hot humid afternoon when I have a headache, I thought that I too would share some of my favourite feelings on this blog.

(and maybe I’ll feel better after writing about these lovely feelings)


#1. When you snuggle into your blankets

Especially about 5 minutes before you have to get out of bed.

During that precious 5 minutes your bed, pillow and blankets just feel extra luxurious, soft and soothing. You can try to stretch that extra 5 minutes as long as you can but when that alarm rings (or in my case when my mother hammers on my door) you have to get up and bid this feeling goodbye.

At least till tomorrow!

#2. When you step into Disneyland

Cue dreamy sigh.

I’ve been to Disneyland Tokyo a total of two times in my entire life. Once when I was really young. The second time was just last year when I turned twenty and oh, was it magical!

Being in Disneyland felt like a dream. I felt as though I was in an entirely different world where I wasn’t just a regular college student. I felt like someone else. I felt like a person who didn’t have to deal with readings, tutorials, exams, interviews, jobs, friendships, romance and all those frustrating things.

It was so liberating.

I felt so light and airy. Everyone in Disneyland was happy. There was Disney music playing in the background. For a moment, I can forget about being me and all that comes with being me (in a good way of course). Oh, it was a wonderful feeling to be in Disneyland. I could talk about this forever, so let’s move on to the next feeling before I bore you to tears haha.

#3. When it’s freezing cold and you drink a cup of hot Milo.

Personally, I don’t deal well with low temperatures. The cold makes me feel miserable and a cup of hot drink can instantly make me feel so much better. I’m sure there are some of you who can relate.

If you’re from Europe or the US, you may or may not have heard of a drink called “Milo” (pronounced My-Low). It can be found in Asia and even Australia I think. Personally, I love it more than hot chocolate! So if you’re ever in Asia, I recommend that you try it out! Even better, buy some of the powdered formula back home, there are even travel sized versions available anywhere. During winter, you can make a cup of Milo and feel absolutely in bliss, let me tell you!

If I live in a tropical country without the cold Winter season, why would I need a hot cup of Milo, you may ask? Isn’t it hot enough? (Like today for instance, the heat and humidity game is going strong over here) Well, because there are some places where the AC just turns a classroom, hall or office into the North Pole. That’s when I dash out in desperation for a hot cup of tea, Milo or Starbucks. And trust me, I won’t be the only one.

#4. When a child giggles or laughs

Fourth favourite! I don’t really understand why, but when I hear a child giggling happily or laughing uncontrollably I automatically find myself smiling. I feel as though I was instantly injected with a drug that makes me happy.

Children are just so precious, aren’t they?

#5.When you’re above the clouds

My last favourite is the inexplicable feeling that I feel when I look out the window of a plane. Through that small window of a plane, I look over the sea of clouds, the large bodies of water and the spread of land, jungles & cities. I can’t really explain what I feel but I do think it has to do with realising how blessed we are and how small I am as a person compared to the rest of the world. There’s so the feeling of liberation mixed into that pot.

That entire cauldron of feelings is pretty pleasant to me.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and I would love to hear about some of your favourite feelings. If you’re wondering, I think I am feeling slightly better, and will be going back to my books now. Toodles and wish me luck!


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