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My Weekend | August’15

Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work (9 of 10)

The second week of August is nearing it’s end and a new school term has just started for me. And boy, was week 1 of University already exhausting and slightly stressful. I still cannot believe that I’m already in the Third Year of my Bachelor’s degree and I find myself 1) observing the Freshies (Freshmen. As I type this I ask myself if this bracket was even necessary, Surely everyone knows.) with quite a large dose of curiosity and 2) amused by the way that they cluster together, move about in large flocks, speak at loud volumes to each other and at the same time possess such an uncertain look in their eyes.

So when Friday ended and Saturday begun, I instantly felt relieved and the anxiety that clogged the arteries of my soul dissipated. The weekends are here! I screamed gleefully in my mind. Now, I can finally take a breather.

I spent the morning revisiting the notes that I took for school that week and tried to finish off some of the readings that I was supposed to do for Week 1. (Sigh, I really shouldn’t be behind on readings on my first week of school.) I also printed a lot of new readings in preparation for Week 2. I find that I tend to get through my reading list faster and more effectively if I read a physical copy instead of an electronic one because I like to be able to highlight the text (I just love it when boring notes are made more colourful, don’t you?) and scribble things in blank spaces. I’m also more focused when I sweep all the electronics to one side and just concentrate on the pages in front of me. It was a pretty productive morning(:

In the afternoon, I went to watch some TV with my brother (this is kind of like our sibling bonding activity, are we the only ones?) and we were basically stuck to the sofa till dinner. After dinner, we went back to the couch to watch more TV and bade each other goodnight at about 10.30pm.

That was my Saturday. My Sunday was pretty similar except for the fact that I did some additional readings at night and slept at about 1am.

So there you have it, a short piece on my weekend in my very ordinary life of a college student. How was your weekend?


Just to put this out there, the lady featured in the picture is not me. I just thought that this picture pretty much summed up my weekend of work-play-and-more-work (:


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