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The Gentle Rosy Glow!

Alrighty! I’m back with another post on how to achieve the ultimate natural looking make-up. Today, I want to talk about blusher. Personally, I find blusher to be one of the most difficult pieces of make-up to apply and make it look as though you have a natural rosy glow. I used to end up looking either like a circus performer or a middle-aged office lady when I apply blusher (honestly, I’m not sure which is worse) and I end up just wiping everything away and leaving the house completely without make-up.

Recently, I’ve learnt how to achieve the natural healthy-looking flush and I’m so excited to share this with you! This is honestly what I do every single time I apply blush now. So that you can have a better idea of the kind of look that I’m going for, here’s a picture:

20150731_SasakiAsahi'sNaturalBlush (with border)

This is a screenshot from a YouTube video by Asahi Sasaki. You can see that her blush is a very gentle pink flush. In my opinion, this look is really natural looking. I’m not sure if this is an Asian preference, but I have watched so many videos on “natural-looking make-up” and there’s truly only a handful that I can call “natural-looking” because the rest still look like they have put in a lot of effort and applied too much make-up to achieve the natural-look.

Sasaki-san’s video is not only about blush, so if you’re looking for the part about blush it’s actually quite brief. In fact, it’s literally just a few minutes and you can start watching from about 2:00 onwards. However, even just those couple of minutes have completely inspired me to make this post. So here we go!

Essentially there are 3 things you need to know about trying to achieve that natural pinkish-looking flush.

#1. Use the right kind of blusher

The key is choosing a cream blush rather than a powder blush. A cream blush can be blended out to look like a gentle glow from from the skin. A powder blush, in my experience, tends to stand out a lot more and if that is the look that you want to achieve then I say go for it, but the look that I’m talking about here is a really natural I-woke-up-looking-like-this kind of blush.

However, I’m not saying that the natural look cannot be achieved with a powder blush. A powder blush can also look natural but it really depends on the shade and pigmentation of your blusher. I would recommend a light pink or light coral shade.

If you don’t have a cream blush, do not worry. Let me first send you a virtual high-five because I don’t own a cream blush either. Instead, I use a lipstick. What I do is I dab some of my lipstick onto my ring finger, I then apply it directly to my skin and blend, blend, blend!  Many make-up experts have explained over past couple of years how lipsticks can substitute as cream blushers, so I won’t go into that. The shade of the lipstick that I use is Coral (of course). An additional tip would be not to use a lipstick that dries your lips. If it dries your lips, you wouldn’t want it on your cheeks now, would you?

#2. Know where to apply the blusher

Where you apply your blusher is so important! And I find that as an amateur applying make-up that I struggle to find the correct spot to apply my blush. Many people say that the blush goes onto the “apples of your cheeks” or the top-most points of your cheeks when you smile and I end up just guesstimating where the blusher is supposed to go.

Now though, I know exactly where to apply my blush and the effect is pretty natural so I wanted to share this with you guys. So here’s what I do:

ONE. Look at myself in the mirror

TWO. Locate the pupil of my left eye

THREE. Place my ring finger directly under my pupil

FOUR. Trace a straight line down to point where my finger intersects with where the tip of my nose is

And viola! That is where you apply your blusher.

FIVE. Remember to blend it out! I tend to blend mine upwards and outwards.

I tried to write out the process in words but I’m sure that there are some of you out there who prefer learning visually. If you are one of those people, you can check out Sasaki-san’s video here at about 2:00 minutes into the video! You might have guessed it, and yes, the video is in Japanese. The subtitles aren’t accurate at all (it’s like an automated Google-translate kind of thing so I’m sure nobody’s very surprised) however you will be able to see clearly how and where the blush is applied. The one applying the make-up is in fact a professional make-up artist (she’s just published a book about make-up!) so you can definitely trust her words or in this case trust what your eyes tell you.

#3. Apply the blusher before you powder

 I find that if you apply the blush first before you set your face with powder, your blush looks more like a glow that comes from under your skin. This makes it look all-natural, feminine and sweet.

And that’s the final tip!

I hope you find this post useful. Let me know what you think about those three tips that I mentioned above! Thank you for reading and have a good rest of the day!



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