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July Favourites! {YouTube}

So, I watch a lot of YouTube videos.

There’s just something about watching YouTube videos that can be rather therapeutic and relaxing, especially after a stressful day at school or work or just life in generally. I don’t think watching YouTube is, in any way, a long-term solution to any problem, but they sure do help to inject small amounts of joy into my life.

I usually spend the last 10 minutes before I fall asleep watching a video put up by a person on the other side of the world. And now that I’ve started this blog, I thought that I would want to share the top 3 videos that I’ve enjoyed watching this month:

 #1. The Michelak’s Vlog – “A Break From Vlogging”

I’m absolutely obsessed with the vlogs that this family releases every Sunday. Hannah, Stef and their adorable baby boy Grayson film their daily lives and share it on YouTube once a week. Just by watching one of their vlogs will tell you how much effort Hannah and Stef have put into making the vlogs. They have so many cameras, they buy stock music and their editing skills (mainly Stef’s) are amazing! You know that they aren’t messing around here.

However, vlogging everyday and being a Youtuber is not as easy as viewers may think. Sometimes I wonder what it’s really like to film yourself everyday, to bring a camera everywhere you go and to have to sit at the computer for hours editing a video. On top of all that, they are parents and bringing up a child is not easy. Which is why I love how the Michelak vlogs show some behind-the-scenes and also their truthful and honest thoughts about certain issues especially about vlogging everyday.

Hannah and Stef are such inspiring and motivating people to watch. As you watch them week by week you will see them constantly growing and evolving as daily vloggers, as youtubers and as parents. You see their struggles with the vlog equipment, high expectations, sales of make-up bags and a growing child. Personally, watching all this makes me feel inspired and motivated to live. I don’t know if that’s a weird statement, but I feel inspired to create, to be myself and just to live and enjoy my own days even as I spend about half-an-hour every week watching their days.

Anyway, I have rambled. Here’s the vlog that I wanted to share. This vlog was back in May and you can really see how honest they are about things (they totally deserve a break, so I totally didn’t resent them for it one bit!) and how beautiful their content usually is. Enjoy!

#2. Jack Howard’s Video – “What Inspires You?”

I’ve been watching Jack’s videos for at least a year now. I’ve since discovered that aside from producing amazing short films, Jack can sing quite well, is a funny guy and can be pretty good with children. However, sometimes, Jack uploads short rather serious clips where he just shares his opinions on something. His words are always very frank, concise and well-thought-out.

So sometime last week, Jack uploaded this video of him sharing about creating videos and what inspires him to create videos. Anything around you can inspire you. Anything can inspire you to create something. And when you create something, you should make it yours. Give it your own style. Don’t just be a mirror of somebody. 

His video really hit me, especially since I’m just starting out with this blog and I didn’t know how I wanted things to turn out. I also didn’t want to be a mirror of other people. I’m still working things out for my blog, but I wanted to share this video anyway, with you guys. Maybe you guys are new bloggers like me, and hopefully this video would inspire you to think about how you want to put your content on the internet.

#3. Casey Neistat’s Adventure Movie – “Make It Count”

I discovered Casey’s channel about a week ago. In fact, if you watched Jack’s video above, Jack was the one who mentioned Casey as someone that he was inspired by. So I just wanted to check out who this person was that Jack was so impressed with. This was the first video by Casey that I watched, and it truly truly inspired me.

First of all, the humongous effort, detail and professionalism of the entire video just blew me away. The various scenes of him running across the various places he’s been to just flow so seamlessly that I can only watch in awe.

Second, Casey’s video was basically a 6-minute movie about his trip around the world in 10 days. Who doesn’t dream of travelling around the world someday? This is certainly one of my dreams. Just watching Casey do it, just rekindled that dream. I also feel as though the dream was able to partially come true just by watching him do it. It’s like we, viewers, are living vicariously through these people who seem to be able to live such amazing adventures everyday.

Definitely do check out Casey’s video below! If you want more, Casey’s doing a vlog everyday for 2015 so you can check his channel for more!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! I would love it if you could share one youtube video that you’ve loved in July! I love discovering new youtube channels and videos to watch.

See you guys again in my next update!



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