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Natural Looking Foundation!


I truly want to master the skill of applying foundation to look like my natural skin without the blemishes, scars, uneven pigmentations and (dare I say it) enlarged pores. Living in a country that’s blessed with an eternal summer, I honestly do struggle to make my foundation not slide off my face in the tropical heat or to end up with a face that looks like a cake. Thankfully, I have found a couple of tips on achieving a flawless natural look, and I’m looking to share them on this blog over the next couple of weeks!

This week, the tips are from Refinery29 and they say that the order in which you apply your make-up makes a lot of difference. In fact, the key point seems to be to not to apply foundation first. Instead, cover up your spots and eyebags with a concealor first! Personally, I really like this tip because you will definitely use your foundation less wastefully! (Make-up is so expensive for people like me who are living on a student budget ><)

I’m definitely going to pick up this tip! For more tips, head over to Refinery29‘s blog post!

Do you have any special tips for achieving natural looking foundation? I would love to know!



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