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What kind of a Grandparent would you want to be?

You may or may not have the intention to have children, and who knows whether your children would have their own children someday. However, the fact that you are living right now means that you do have grandparents of your own. You may or may not have met them before. You may dislike them, or you may be the lucky ones who absolutely adore their grandparents.

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Was your grandmother always making you thick, woolly jumpers? Did your granddad sit on the porch every evening, blowing the world away with his snores? Did your grandma secretly give you some change to buy some candy? Did your grandfather bring you on fishing trips over the weekend?

As for me, I have completely zero memories of my grandfathers and a handful of memories of my grandmothers.

Two of my grandfathers passed away before my parents even got married. So I was nowhere near existence then. The only memory that I have of my third grandfather (my grandmother remarried) was as a toddler visiting him in the hospital and sitting on woolly hospital blankets that covered his legs before he too passed on peacefully to the next world.

I have one grandmother who cooked an absolutely amazing spread for weekly family get-togethers and passed away before I hit ten years of age. She used to buy all her grandchildren the loveliest clothes (inexpensive ones of course, since she had more than ten grandchildren!). My remaining grandmother passed away just this year. (Goodness, this has taken a slightly depressing turn hasn’t it?). She was quite the artist as she used to paint on the postcards that she sent out. She was also pretty good with origami which is the Japanese paper-folding craft.

So there you have it, my rather limited experience with having grandparents. With my Chinese grandmother, I was simply one amongst a sea of grandchildren, and with my Japanese grandmother, I was one of the youngest who was millions of miles across the seas, so I was never particularly close to any of them. But I’m sure that I did love them and they loved me (on a subconscious maybe even unconscious level).

If you do become a grandparent, do you want to be like your grandparents?

I want to be a grandmother who sneaks candy and chocolates to her grandchildren. I want to buy them the cutest dresses/trousers, blouses/shirts and hats. I would buy them a little kitchen set and just lots and lots of lego to play with. If possible, I would want to play with them every week. When my grandchildren grow older, I want to be a grandparent who makes wonderful food that they love and will miss when I’m gone. I want to be the one who knows all their names and maybe mixes them up sometimes when I become forgetful, but they would still love me for it. If I could I would love to make them little bits of clothing or blankets.

This post was totally inspired by a short radio broadcast that I heard this morning. Warning: the broadcast is entirely in Japanese. If you don’t understand Japanese do not worry, I’m about to give you a quick summary of what he says on radio. The one speaking on the radio is Ohno Satoshi, and he shared about how his grandfather used to bring him out to fish. On these fishing trips, his grandfather never used any special gadgets or bait, and basically managed to fish successfully using traditional fishing methods. As a kid, Ohno really admired his grandfather and said that he wants to be a granddad like him. A granddad who just brushes away new technology and advancements, and can just say confidently to his grandson, who wants the latest toy, “You don’t need that! If you really want it, I can make one for you!”

I was so intrigued with the question that I wanted to blog about this instantly! (Even though it may be years and years and years before I actually even become a grandmother!) What kind of grandparent do you want to be?

I would love to know.



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