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Chic Braided Summer Hairstyle

Just the other day, I came across this blog post.

I instantly fell in love with this hair style. It’s a mix of a normal braid and a fishtail braid, fluffed out into the beautiful creation you see below.

photo credit: Barefootblonde

It’s so chic and so very simple to do! Just click on this link and you’ll see some simple instructions on how to achieve this look over at Barefootblonde’s website!

Personally, I think that this hairstyle will suit all types of hair. Granted, you will require medium to long hair to braid this successfully (I’ve just trimmed my hair to shoulder-length and it is a challenge, but achievable!). As you can see, the braid looks beautiful on blonde hair. I have dark hair and I think it looks lovely on dark hair too! I promise I’ll update with a picture of how it looks on me!

Don’t hesitate to give this a try, ladies! You’ll love it, I guarantee!


The above photo is from


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