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The Different Parts of Me

I sometimes think that there are so many different parts to this person that I am. Think about it, and you too will see that there are so many selves that make up this being that is you, dear reader on the other side of the screen.

If I imagine that my soul was a garden, then the different flowers and trees would be the different parts of me.

If my soul were a garden, I’m sure that I will find a patch of Mimosa growing timidly somewhere — a mirror of my dear shy self that would close herself up when people step into my comfort zone.

I imagine a medium-sized Willow tree standing strong and gently swaying with the wind but never breaking. Just like how I personally am not confrontational, preferring instead to move gently along with the tide of time.

Somewhere hidden, I imagine that there’s a pink Rose longing for attention and wishing for all things pink and sparkly. However, the enormous shyness that I have hides this little rose like a massive rocky cave, buries the inner girly-girl that I actually am.

Lastly, in the center of the garden, there’s a little yellow Sunflower. Its attention is constantly on the sun — caring not for the wind, the rain or the other flowers in the same garden. Having no clear destination in mind, but having faith that the sun will lead it to a better future.

I am sure there is more to uncover in the garden that is my soul and perhaps I will update you again when I do. If you, dear reader, imagine your own soul as a garden, what do you think you will find in it?

I would love to know.


xx 🌻


2 thoughts on “The Different Parts of Me

  1. I love this post!
    If I were a garden I would be full of beautiful wild flowers, just randomly sown with all colours imaginable. I am quite shy and hide behind a wall in my head, so the person you see is bubbly and outgoing but deep down I am worrying, caring and often sad. I am the ladybird that hides underneath the canopy of flowers under the protection of the outer layer 🙂 wonderful post, it has really made me think!


    1. Aww that’s just so sweet! I can totally imagine your lovely garden and your adorable little ladybird!!

      Thanks for your lovely comment!



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